Reasons for Low Self-confidence...

Are you suffering from low self-confidence?

Do you always do self-negative talks? Many people across the globe are suffering from low self-confidence or rather I say it low self-worth. They keep reminding themselves that they are not good enough. It becomes their regular practice and they keep on judging themselves for all bad reasons.

Here are some of the reasons that may cause sudden low confidence-
Fear of failureJob LossProlonged IllnessPoor EducationFamily BackgroundBeliefsLack of motivation and goalsLoneliness... etc. Do you know that you can come over all of these causes and become Self-confident?
Remember low self-confidence is a feeling and you can always navigate through it and start feeling confident. 
Come Join us for 90 minutes of powerful session on building self-confidence. We will be sharing some of the simple yet amazing techniques that can boost your self- confidence instantly.
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You can restart...

Last year, a lady in her early thirties had contacted me and asked if I can help her regain her self-confidence?
I said let's have a discovery call to identify your coaching needs and lets see if I can help you. So, we met over Skype after postponing the call twice.

So, finally we met and started general coaching discussion. During the session, I found out that this young lady was once the topper of her college and best girl of her society. Every aunty gave her example to their kids. She had played sports for her school and college at national and international level. She was full of life, only daughter in four generations in the family. She was pampered and loved by everyone.
She completed her studies and got her first job, she was happy and on top of the world. Next two years were full of fun, work and activities. Now, relatives started offering marriage proposals and after one year she got married to this young successful NRI boy. She had to leave her job and moved to another cou…

Restart your Career- Boost your Self-confidence

Module 1 - Boost your Self-confidence

Today we started with our first online group coaching program module Boost Your Confidence. We are so excited that we could teach the powerful tools and techniques for boosting confidence with the ladies who signed up for the program. They felt so empowered! I

If you are struggling with confidence, communication, or lack presentation skills, this program is perfect for you.

Make sure that you sign up by sending email to for the upcoming class, and we will let you know when we start with another group.

Program is 90 minutes long and it is attended online via Skype, so you can join from anywhere.


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Why human connection is important?

I remember my childhood days when everyone living close to our house was greeted as uncles, aunties, mama, chacha, chachi etc. and we used to respect them wholeheartedly. Those relations of childhood are still intact and we have respect for them and special bonding with the kids of our age. These days, I see kids are so engrossed in their technical life, that they hardly speak with neighbours. I hardly see any kid saying namaste to elders in the society or with their extended families. Even when you try to say "hello beta" - you will hardly get a response or kid will see you with suspicion and ignorance. This is how a lonely society of future is growing and that is scary. There is minimum connection among humans of this age.

Can this be changed? Yes, social​ emotional learning from an early age can help in bringing positive change. Parents, Teachers and Children together can make this happen. Let's come together and teach our kids why human connection is important.

As a…

Emotional Intelligence Awareness Camp

Today we celebrated Republic Day by spreading awareness about Emotional Intelligence. Our desk was all surrounded by kids and they returned many times to play emotional literacy game and draw a card for their best friends. Few kids had made card for their parents with beautiful messages and they were reading it for them. I could see joy on their faces. These little things are our biggest achievements at times.

We as change makers can do a lot and has to do a lot for our society and future generations. Overwhelming response from all the participants.

Please feel free to connect, if you wish to invite us for emotional intelligence workshop in your schools, society or campus.

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It is recommended to read affirmations twice a day for one month to start seeing positive effects. I have experienced positive effects in my own life. Reading affirmations definitely builds your confidence. To get your copy for free, write to me