Sunday, December 10, 2017

Parenting Tips for Parents with Teenagers

This is a heartbreaking news (Teenager Killed Mom and Sister in a fit of Rage) for every parent who are raising their kids to become the best human beings. What could have happened to this teenager before doing this heinous offence?
Here are few things to notice as a parent before it goes out of your control-
1. Is there a continuous pattern of meaningless arguments between you and your kids.
2. Are you unknowingly comparing your kid to siblings, cousins or their friends? While it may seem normal to you, but your kid may have its negative impact for rest of their life.
3. Is the behaviour of kid is alarming to you?
4. Has your kid suddenly become silent?
5. Do you take regular interest in the interest of your kids?
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6. Do you occasionally speak with school teachers and friends?
7. Do you complain a lot about kid in their presence to teachers, relatives or neighbours?
8. Are you fulfilling every demands of your kid all the time?
9. Have you provided a separate mobile phone to your kid at a younger age because his\her friends also have one?
10. Are you pressurizing kid to learn something that is not of his\her interest?
11. While scolding your kid, do you tell them that all your earnings are wasted in their studies?
12. Do you tell your kids that you have sacrificed everything because of them?
Knowingly or unknowingly we put a lot of burden on our kids. They need our support, guidance, love, trust and beliefs to become a good human beings.
So, what can we do as a parent to help our kids?
1. Open communication with kid is important. Instead of nagging, ask how you can help them achieve something. Ask what is bothering them?
2. Do not compare them with anyone. How would we feel if we are compared to anyone else? No one likes comparing!!!
3. Take interest in their hobbies and introduce them to your own hobbies and share your childhood stories with them.
4. If they are being bullied in school, help them face it and help them become stronger. Bullies look for kids who have low self-esteem.
5. Be an encourager for them, and be available whenever they need your support.
6. Spend quality time with your kids and always help them to be connected to your roots. Families who spend more quality time together have less quarrels and have good memories. Go for outings, family trips, dinners etc. on regular basis.
Parents, you are the one and only one who have brought them to this world and you can only help them to become a good humans. Always feel free to seek help in case you find it difficult to manage too many things. You can save your family and your future. Awareness is always better!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

EQ world summit 2017 by Six Second Organisation happened in Mumbai. Learnt new skills, made new friends and more than anything, I found my purpose. Spreading EQ awareness and making this world a better place is my goal. Come and join me in this beautiful journey! EQ for all... #eqworldsummit #plantaseed

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Pop up Festival with four EQ stations, we completed our second Pop Up Festival today in India. Every kid is unique and should be encouraged to participate and should be given fair chance to express their views. Emotional Intelligence gives this opportunity in fun and easy way. Schools should come forward to teach EQ to every child. #childrensday #eq

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Join me for POP-UP festival next month to celebrate Universal Children's Day. We support emotions, well-being and children's rights. Visit- for more information.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Moments from recently done EQ and Leadership Workshop... A leader is a person who leads by doing! You can be a leader in your own work, you surely don't need a title. It's your actions that makes you a true leader.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Are you a New Life Coach?

We all learn from our mistakes but it is wise and advisable to learn from experienced people and save time. It is overwhelming to see so many people turning into life coaches every week. It is good to see that they are willing to help humanity. No matter how you have come to the world of Life coaching, here are few suggestions to thrive here-

1.    Give Yourself Time- Once you get certified as a Life coach, give yourself some time to understand in and out of Life Coaching. Start reading books and articles related to life coaching.
2.     Find your Niche- This seems unimportant but this is the most important thing in life coaching. Find your niche; take help from coaches who are already established and doing well in their field. Do not become a supermarket of coaching.
3.     Practice, Practice and More Practice- Don’t leave any opportunity to do practice sessions. The more practice sessions you do, the more confidence you gain as a coach. Coaching is a slow process; it takes years to become successful. Keep going…
4.     Keep learning- Along with practice you must explore courses that will help you in your coaching career.

Once you have completed your courses and gained confidence start promoting yourself. Network with people and learn the ways to market your coaching practice and your coaching business.

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sanchita Mental Health Foundation is doing an amazing job in Noida by spreading awareness about mental health and how one can come over it. I am honered to be part of this event and happy that I got an opportunity to share my learnings. Thank you!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Workshop

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Are you returning to Work?

Are you planning to return to work after a long career break or looking for a new career? It can be difficult to know what you want and what is available for you. 

When you think of returning to work, it definitely increases self-respect, and boosts your mental health and social presence. The idea to return to work itself is overwhelming.

Here are few tips and suggestions that may help you in planning your return to work…

1.  Deciding the Right Time – Frankly speaking, there is no right time. I would advise anyone planning their return to work, think and plan carefully and when it feels 80% right then this is the time! You decide, do not ask!
2.  Deciding the Right Job- Technology is changing faster than one can think. So it is natural for you to think out of space and knowledge of what you were expert once. Do not feel that ways, you are still competent and in just few weeks, you will be back in action. Remember my words!
3. Learn New Skills – When you have decided to return to work, it is good to research and learn new skills. The skills that are in demand based on your previous work experience or very new field. A human brain can learn at any stage of life. It is just our willingness to allow it to learn!
4. Flexible Working Hours- Once you have job offer, do not hesitate to ask for flexible work timings. It does not mean that you will work less. It means you need time to balance your work and personal life. Flexible working hours can be work from home or starting early and leaving early from work. Remember you get when you ask for it!
5. Research about Employer- You must research very well about the employer and the company before joining it. Many employers do not know the needs of working moms. Few points that can help you are-
·         What is the culture of the company around working parents and specially women?
·         How flexible they are?
·         What is the salary you are looking for?
·    How much time you are willing to devote to your work life?

Remember, you are not alone. It is important to keep in mind that being a parent is a fact and once you accept it, things become easy.

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Have you ever thought... what is the difference between a boss and a leader?
A Boss will always order you. He will tell what is to be done and by when. He will monitor your activities and in a way will control you and your actions. He will micro manage you and would like to know everything about you and your work. While a Leader will let you do things on your own and would like you to learn from your experiences. He will give you freedom to explore and grow independently. He will stand by you in all the situations. If you fail, he will encourage you to get up and try again. He will motivate you and will guide you to do the best. In most cases he will work with you and lead you by example.

A Leader would gradually make you a leader.

A Boss would never want you to get ahead of him and in most cases will pull you down to the best of his capability. He will take all the credit of the work done by his team. If you fail to accomplish a task in a given time, he will never give that work to you again and will assign it to someone else without even informing you. There are full chances that you will get all negative feedback from him during your appraisals or even before that. 

So guys, when you get up to that position... try to become a Leader rather than becoming a Boss. Leaders are always loved and followed by people. Researches have shown that many employees leave or change their jobs due to bad Bosses. They say that the company is good but my boss is not good.
Every industry needs good leaders who can create future leaders. The choice is yours whether you want to be admired or feared by people.

Friday, May 27, 2016

What are your mental blocks?

Have you ever thought what holds you back? What are the mental blocks that stops you from living a successful life?
Mental blocks begin at a young age and quickly become part of life. We limit ourselves and start accepting what others have to say about us, be it parents, teachers, peers, relatives or anyone.
You can get over your mental blocks as soon as you start recognizing them. It is the most important step to come out of your shell and move towards a successful life. Some of the common mental blocks are:
You doubt yourself- If you think you are not capable of doing anything… think again! Have the courage to believe that you are capable. You’ll ultimately prove yourself correct. No one is born successful. Even the richest have to work hard to maintain their richness from one generation to other.
You think you don’t have the best education- While a lack of education can prevent you from becoming a pilot but you can still be successful in other endeavors. Studies have shown, many successful people have not even completed their high school.
You underestimate yourself- While we give too much credit to others, we often tend to underestimate ourselves. Others might be great but you are no less. Stop being too rude to yourself.
You don’t take help from others- You can’t be master of all traits. No one can have all the skills, so whenever required take help from others. It will save a lot of your time. Life is too short to learn everything and do it yourself. There is no harm in taking or giving help.
Your goals are not achievable- If you think you can’t be successful, you’ll never get started. Are your goals really very challenging? Try to break them into smaller achievable goals. Believe in yourself and start working on your goals.
You don’t have time- You can find time if you desire to do so. This is one of the most common excuse that most people give. If you really wish to achieve something you will get time for it. After all, there are only 24 hrs. in a day for every single person in this world. Start managing your time well.
You don’t have money- You must start at some point, these excuses takes you away from your goals. Not every successful person was wealthy, some successful people have even done odd jobs to fulfill their basic needs in the beginning. Learn from them and start with small objectives. You cannot become rich in a single day but you can always start working towards your goals with little or no money.
If you believe in yourself you can be as successful as any other person in this world. You have a powerful ability to succeed if you can enhance your mental state. Examine yourself and once you’re able to recognize your mental block, you can easily address it.